Remote control your Pioneer VSX receiver over telnet

telnet <ip> VU<enter> #win!

I’m a hacker, developer and lazy guy. So when I found myself in the kitchen cooking, just realizing that my Pioneer VSX 921 receiver was turned down too low I didn’t walk over to turn it up or find the remote; I instead remembered that it has a bad app for iOS, meaning that it accepts being controlled remote over the network. A little bit of google searching and I found a plugin for an I-dont-know-what containing an XML with some Lua code (XML with code — yay), and also a very nice mapping table for commands the same code runs against a VSX 1021.

So a quick telnet session later I had yanked the volume up without ever leaving the kitchen! These commands probably work for most of the VSX  921/1021 series and later. Enjoy:



Power control:


Input selection

  • 05FN = TV/SAT
  • 01FN = CD
  • 03FN = CD-R/TAPE
  • 04FN = DVD
  • 19FN = HDMI1
  • 05FN = TV/SAT
  • 00FN = PHONO
  • 03FN = CD-R/TAPE
  • 26FN = HOME MEDIA GALLERY(Internet Radio)
  • 15FN = DVR/BDR
  • 05FN = TV/SAT
  • 10FN = VIDEO 1(VIDEO)
  • 14FN = VIDEO 2
  • 19FN = HDMI1
  • 20FN = HDMI2
  • 21FN = HDMI3
  • 22FN = HDMI4
  • 23FN = HDMI5
  • 24FN = HDMI6
  • 25FN = BD
  • 17FN = iPod/USB
  • FU = INPUT CHANGE (cyclic)

If you want to change input to the iPod port and turn up the volume, given you’re using OS X or some Unix derivative, you would do this:

  1. Open a terminal
  2. Run the command telnet <ip>
  3. Select input by typing: 17FN<enter>
  4. Nod volume up 1 time: VU<enter>
  5. Repeat VU until you are happy.

There is a tone of other commands you can use, I believe this manual for the VSX 1120 is very much valid for other devices in the series.

About Raymond Julin

Lead developer at Keyteq Labs, a product business in Bergen, Norway with a reputation for modern user friendly solutions.


  1. Simen

    Make an alias. alias amp_volup=’echo VU | nc ip port’ etc.

    • Raymond Julin

      Concretely this works in this case:
      alias amp_on=”printf ‘%s\r\n’ po | nc 192.168.1.x 23″

      • Brad

        That still leaves the connection open. Quick and dirty fix is “nc -w 1 192.168.1.x”.

        The -w 1 flag times out a idle session after one second. This kills the session with no return input.

        A -q 1 flag does a similar thing, however the quit option allows the Receiver to return the currently set volume.

      • $ printf ‘%s\r\n’ po


  2. FYI – This also works on a Pioneer VSX-822, but you need to use port 8102 instead of 23.

  3. chris

    Worked on my VSX-42 also on port 8102

  4. works on VSX-1023 on port 8102 – commands case sensitive.

  5. Imre

    Great! Works also on VSX-921-K (both port 23 and 8102)

  6. also working on VSX-528 only on port 8102

  7. Jan

    works on a vsx-922 @ standard telnet port

  8. David

    works on VSX-43 only on port 8102, requires uppercase commands

  9. Works on SC-1223 as well, but when listening to Internet Radio the display text is echo’d to the telnet terminal, resulting in long scrolling lines of numbers. This makes entering commands a big challenge. Not found a way to stop this

    • chris

      Run the following command on your local machine (example is using the Mute off MF command):

      { echo “MF”; sleep 1; } | telnet 8102

  10. Can’t get it to Power On when the unit is off … other commands work fine on my VSX-822. Any suggestions?

    • Figured it out – needed to change the “network standby” mode in the receiver to on.

  11. MilkmanCDN

    works great with my vsx-51. Thanks!

  12. Johannes

    Works great with VSX923 until power cord is detached and re-attached.

    Network standby only seems to work after soft power off.

    Anybody have a solution for this? I want to use the receiver in an automated system where power is interupted every night…

  13. Chris

    Works also with VSX-527 on port 8102 :) Tested only few commands but not all of them work – for example commands VU, VD (volume up/down) work fine but ***VL (volume set) doesn’t work. I don’t have codes for VSX-527 but for some other models – anybody has the proper codes for VSX-527 or has any idea why the ***VL command doesn’t work?

  14. I’m figuring out what I can do with my new VSX-923-K, and so far I’ve mapped the input selection to these commands..

    01FN = CD
    02FN = Tuner
    06FN = Sat/CBL
    15FN = BDR
    17FN = iPod/USB
    19FN = HDMI1
    20FN = HDMI2
    21FN = HDMI3
    22FN = HDMI4
    23FN = HDMI5/MHL
    24FN = HDMI6
    25FN = BD
    34FN = HDMI7
    38FN = Internet Radio
    45FN = Favorites
    48FN = HDMI5/MHL (Not sure why it’s there twice)

  15. Thank for this article, I’ve done a little software for Windows to control your VSX on the network : PioneerMRC. You’ll find it here :

    Pioneer Mini Remote Controller is a little software which allow you to controller your Pioneer AV via your network.

    PioneerMRC has been designed for Pioneer VSX-527 but is compatible with a lot of others models like the VSX-42/43/528/822/921/1021/1022/1023/1120…

    Hope you’ll like it.

    • Derek

      Google Chrome not allowing it to download … :(

      • Hi, this is a false positive from chrome because Pioneer MRC make telnet communications… Please check with , you will se, PioneerMRC is fully warranty withtout spyware.

  16. rafi

    (sleep 3; echo “COMMAND”; sleep 1; echo “quit”) | telnet vsx-923.local
    (sleep 3; echo “PO”; sleep 10; echo “01FN”; sleep 1; echo “quit”) | telnet vsx-923.local

  17. Im also working on a windows application COMPLETELY FREE coming soon, check out

  18. Chris

    Hello, I’m a telnet noob. I have lock remote and panel problem on my vsx922. Which commands shall I send with telnet to unlock ? PKL ? What do I type exactly when on telnet ? thanks

    • Chris

      ?PKL and ?RML I meant

      • Chris

        damn ?PKL and ?RML I meant

  19. Niels

    VSX2120 uses port 8102

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