My commitment to become a conference speaker, or: Respect your spurs of inspiration

About to jump

You know those times when you get that spur of inspiration to jump head first into one of the challenges you’ve put forth for yourself? That moment when you feel super excited, dead nervous and invincibile while very mortal all at the same? That is the moment to jump, commit to the dangers ahead and come out stronger on the other side.

Shrugging it off is far too easy, considering its such a bad choice.

Committing myself

On my last performance appraisal I told my boss it was time I challenged myself in new ways, namely becoming a conference speaker — he agreed. Yet nothing happens from two people agreeing, so for months nothing happened. It scared me, it still scares me.

Post easter I’ve felt inspired and now I’m just gonna jump onto this moment of inspiration and commit myself to this goal for 2013.

There are many things scary about this goal:

  • The fear that other speakers are inherently better than me
  • The fear of disappointing myself
  • The fear of failing in front of an audience, and on video!

But I know that these fears means there are great rewards for overcoming them, and I would at least disappoint myself by not trying!
So heres my commitment; I will speak at one or several tech conferences before 2013 is over.
This is the plan:

  1. Socially commit myself
  2. Make a shortlist of conferences starting late summer — Do you have any suggestions?
  3. Find a subject, or two, to present
    1. Write a disposition
    2. Infer a heading
  4. Submit call for speakers
  5. Practice, practice, practice presenting
  6. Profit

This feels scary. Thats good.

About Raymond Julin

Lead developer at Keyteq Labs, a product business in Bergen, Norway with a reputation for modern user friendly solutions.

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  1. Cool! We need new voices on the conference scene. I would encourage you to submit a proposal for Booster 2014. You have plenty of time to prepare, it isn’t scheduled until March 12.-14. 2014. :)

    Follow @boosterconf on twitter to get word when CfP opens.

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