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Drawing diagrams in Sanity with Mermaid.js


Learn how to embed Mermaid.js based diagrams in Sanity.

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Exploring the iTerm2 Python API


Explore the new iTerm2 Python API to automate terminal workflows

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Making a Stranger Things lights decoration


How we built a fun LED lighted, internet controllable Stranger Things inspired ouija board for halloween

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Kill the designer


You don’t need a designer. You need a new way of thinking.

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Writing solid asynchronous code using Promises


Why you should use Promises over callbacks when writing asynchronous Javascript.

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Internet of Things, make me smarter


The Internet of Things excites me. It's the part of the future that makes me want to be first in line to get there.

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Hackers, makers and doers


These are the three kinds of people that makes this world an interesting place to be.

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Three things I love about Lithium


Highlighting three of the things I like the most about the Lithium PHP framework.

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My 2012 — A year in review


We’ve just closed the books on the year that was 2012 and started a new, and better, 2013. I think its a good habit to apply retrospection to ones life — and I apply that principle badly myself. So heres an attempt to see what I did with my life in 2012.

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A practical guide to AMD and require.js


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The importance of staying current and valuable in a knowledge-based field


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Optimise your Javascript — debunk


Today published an article highlighting a bunch of javascript performance tips. While focusing on javascript performance is indeed laudable, several of the tips in the article is not valid though.

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Remote control your Pioneer VSX receiver over telnet


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Live life like there is a tomorrow — Love yourself every day


So kids, love yourself every day, starting with today, what it takes for you to love yourself today is up to you to find out!

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ElasticSearch PHP client 2.0, thoughts and changes


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On the fly image resizing in Lithium


Recently I’ve been playing around with the very promising PHP framework Lithium. In fact we decided to use it at work for some project as well. Documentation is a bit scarce and disorganized, and there aren’t a whole lot of content on the web about it, so I figured i might as well share some of my discoveries.

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Introduction to data structures, complexity and algorithms in PHP


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PHP associativity and assign by reference


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Instilled values — what really matters


What are your values? Have you ever thought of what makes you you as a developer? Are you satisfied with them?

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Keep colors consistent across OS and browsers with ImageMagick by removing profiles


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Having a DRY week


I try to always write DRY code, but when under a lot of pressure, with too little time and maybe even over worked I can end up duplicating knowledge throughout a system. And I do get very upset when i realize that I did so later on. Its time to cut the crap.

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List of useful Lithium (Li3) resources


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Hackday-erfaringer — eller MediArena digitalt juleverksted oppsummert


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Creating a generic validator for arrays of strings in Lithium


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