👋🏼 I'm Raymond.

I'm a technologist living in beautiful Bergen, Norway. I currently hack at code, infrastructure and processes at Cutters. Previously CTO & Co-founder at Task Analytics, senior consultant at Netlife Design, lead product developer at Keyteq and development at the Tek.no-network. Technology and specifically anything related to the internet matters a big deal to me, but when I log off most of my time is spent on my family. We have a young girl 👶, a bab and a husky 🐾. Some times I publish some open source software and some rare times I blog on this space or Medium.com.

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Recent posts and projects


Drawing diagrams in Sanity with Mermaid.js


Learn how to embed Mermaid.js based diagrams in Sanity.

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Exploring the iTerm2 Python API


Explore the new iTerm2 Python API to automate terminal workflows

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Last updated repos

Add a Mermaid graph input type for Sanity CMS
Open on Github
Release 0.10.0
A fluffy banner card for Home Assistant 🥰
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